No, White Chicks 2 Isn't Happening... Yet

It seems as though actor Terry Crews was a little overzealous when he said a sequel to White Chicks was happening.

After Crews revealed that a White Chicks 2 was on the way, Marlon Wayans, his costar from the original film, pumped the brakes with a post on Instagram.

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Sharing an image of Marcus Copeland as "Tiffany," Wayans wrote, "My face when @terrycrews tells the world #whitechicks2 is happening but we still don’t have a deal in place... now every fanworld wise dms excitedly “IS THIS TRUE”?! Um... NO! Not yet. #ohterry."

Crews then responded in the comments section, saying, "Sorry man! I’m only ready when you are!"

The original White Chicks was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and starred Shawn and Marlon Wayans as Kevin and Marcus Copeland, a pair of black FBI agents who pose as two posh white women they were tasked with chauffeuring in order to solve a string of high-profile kidnappings. Crews played Latrell Spencer, a professional basketball player who took a hilarious and disturbing interest in Marcus, aka "Tiffany." However, he was heartbroken to discover Marcus' true identity after taking a bullet for him during the film's climax.

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In any case, if White Chicks 2 does happen, fans will likely have to wait just a little bit longer than Crews' initial excitement seemed to imply.

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