No Random Thoughts! (August 4, 2009)

No random thoughts this week thanks to my four-day vacation this past weekend. However, I did want to continue to promote my upcoming 24-hour blogathon on Saturday August 22 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I will be posting on my blog, GraphiContent, every 30 minutes for 24 hours starting at 9 am EST. I did this once before, two years ago, and had a blast. This year, I will be looking at the Brian Michael Bendis Avengers stuff beginning with "Avengers Disassembled" ending with the conclusion of the most recent arcs in New Avengers and Dark Avengers with numerous tangents along the way. Plus, that won't cover all 49 posts (I've got it mapped out at around 29-33 or so right now), so there will be plenty of other topics and books discussed along the way... along with my descent into incoherent rambling while struggling to get through that dreaded 4-7 am window where the lack of sleep begins to take its toll. Remember, this is for charity, so give if you can -- and let me know if you do donate, so I can see how much money I've raised and give out the proper thanks. Random thoughts will return next week at its usual 5 pm EST time.

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