<i>No Ordinary Family</i> Not Sci-Fi, Superheroic

Worried that ABC's new No Ordinary Family - about a family with superpowers - sounds a little bit familiar? Producer Michael Chiklis would like a word with you.

Talking during an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour, Chiklis (who also stars in the show) said,

This is not Heroes. It is not The Incredibles. This is No Ordinary Family... At its core, it’s a drama about a family that is trying to work through issues. My kids watched the pilot with me and loved it.

He also denied that the show was science fiction, something that producer Greg Bertlani seemingly agrees with, calling the show "a fun throwback to old action shows blended with a family show with a lot of heart," and not a show created "to appeal to a niche audience... we wanted to make something that the entire family can watch." Is this the start of a superhero backlash?

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