No joking, Mike Deodato's at it again

[The Joker]Mike Deodato can't stop sketching!

The artist of Marvel's new title "Witches," debuting this October, has found himself a bit of downtime. So, to fill that period he's been sketching striking images and publishing them on Message Boards and sending them to us here at CBR News. This weekend Deodato sent CBR News another in a series of sketches, this time capturing the menacing side of DC Comics' The Joker.

"As everyone knows, beyond such flashy favorite characters of mine as Captain America and the X-Men and Superman, I am excited big-time by that #1 creature of the night.... BATMAN. And, by extension, the Joker," Deodato told CBR News. "The history behind this JOKER illustration (besides "I'm still waiting for more WITCHES script, so I drew this") is this: Do you remember WONDER WOMAN #96 that I drew, which had a great Brian Bolland JOKER cover with a bomb strapped to his chest? The last Convention I attended, people having me autograph the book were telling me they liked my splash page depiction of Joker on page 22 better than Brian's, because I did it with all MOOD lighting and effect, and Brian Bolland treated it with "bold comedy lighting" on his cover. So in the vein of my earlier depiction of Joker, but in my new style, here's another mood piece."

Earlier sketches by Deodato include Batman, Wolverine and Rogue.

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