<i>No Heroics</i> means no happy hour for Dan Taylor

We learned last month that ABC is creating an American version of the British sitcom No Heroics (which Rich Johnston reviewed last year and has mentioned a few times in Lying in the Gutters). Comic fan and former World Wrestling Entertainment writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has been cast in ABC's version of the show.

While this might be good news for ABC and Prinze, Hero Happy Hour creator Dan Taylor has a different take:

As far back as 2002, shortly after the second issue of (Super) Hero Happy Hour — the self-published comic book co-created by myself and Chris Fason — was released I found myself with “Hollywood” representation and I was meeting with various producers and production companies about turning our little comic book about super heroes hanging out in a bar into a TV show about super heroes hanging out in a bar. This was really the first foray into comic book creating and publishing that either Chris and I had ever made. (Super) Hero Happy Hour (Huh? I just found out that Hero Happy Hour has a Wikipedia page. Neat!) It was exciting times. I found myself making the forty minute to an hour drive up to L.A./Hollywood for meetings that I felt completely out of my league with. Back then, the plan was to do Hero Happy Hour as an animated series with big-name talent providing the voices. I was amazed at some of the names that would be thrown about — Bruce Willis, Pierce Bronson — it was crazy. It was almost dreamlike. I thought I had it the jackpot right off the bat with my very first comic book.

Taylor goes on to explain that he then received a letter from Marvel and DC about his use of the phrase "super hero," which they have trademarked, and how Hollywood interest dried up soon after. But while the writer is disappointed at the lost opportunity, his post doesn't come across as bitter. In fact, he even offers to help write the sitcom. He also talks about the current status of Hero Happy Hour:

I still do hope to publish more Hero Happy Hour comic books. I have scripts in the can, and notes and ideas for numerous more issues. Unfortunately, my partner in crime, Chris Fason is unable to belly up to the bar and tackle the artist duties due to being a good father, husband, and providing for his family with a paying solid job. (You go, Chris!) If I’m able to find the right artist to help out there will be more Hero Happy Hour comic books.

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