Deadpool 2 Co-Writer Says There Won't Be a Super Bowl Ad

According to Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese, we won't see anything from the film during tonight's Super Bowl 52 broadcast.

Disappointing Merc with a Mouth fans everywhere, this confirmation is surely upsetting -- but it shouldn't be all that surprising. Fox previously indicated it'd withhold from any promotion of its films during the NBC broadcast, ensuring fans wouldn't see anything from X-Men: Dark Phoenix or Deadpool 2 during the epic New England Patriots/Philadelphia Eagles showdown.

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However, we can't help but wonder: Is Reese misleading us? We won't know for sure until Super Bowl 52 kicks off at 6pm ET/3pm PT on NBC tonight. For a rundown of all the trailers we can expect, check out CBR's official breakdown.

Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 features Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus, and Karan Soni as Dopinder, with newcomers Zazie Beetz as Domino, Josh Brolin as Cable, Julian Dennison in an unknown role, and Jack Kesy as a villain widely thought to be Black Tom Cassidy. The film hits theaters on May 18.

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