No "Captain Marvel" in November, "Avengers Arena" Wraps

Marvel Comics' November 2013 solicitations didn't include a new issue of "Captain Marvel," but series writer Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote on her Tumblr that the book's devoted fans shouldn't be worried.

"Exciting news coming, but I don't want to step on any Marvel toes by speaking out of turn," DeConnick said. "Until official word is out, Carol Corps -- stay tuned, have faith. It's all good. I've never lied to you before, have I?"

DeConnick later updated the post to tell readers to make sure to buy the "Carol Corps"-themed issue, October's #17.

(Update: "Venom" is also absent from Marvel's latest solicitations. CBR News has reached out to the publisher for comment.)

Also in November, "Avengers Arena" reaches its planned end with issue #18, dubbed "the searing series finale!" that's also "the launch pad for what comes next." In April, series writer Dennis Hopeless revealed that the "Boss Level" arc would serve as the finale for the first "season" of the series.

"The 'Boss Level' arc brings the story we set up with issue #1 to a close," Hopeless told CBR. "We told you from the start that this was a 30-day competition. 'Boss Level' takes us all the way to day 30 and beyond. After this, everything changes."

Elsewhere in Marvel's November solicitations, recent "Winter Soldier" artist Nic Klein is listed on interiors for "Captain America" #13, two issues after Carlos Pacheco's debut on the series. Marvel confirmed to CBR News that Pacheco will be back on the book with issue #14.

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