No Buffy Movie Reboot For Now

Sometimes, it's good to only discover things after they've turned out to have failed. Take, for example, the news that Vanessa Hudgens has turned down the chance to star in a reboot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

According to Showbiz Spy, the reboot would've seen Hudgens and Sarah Michelle Gellar team up on the big screen to dust vamps, but the success of Twilight scared the Disney alum off, with an anonymous source saying,

She felt that with Twilight still so massive Buffy would not be the best option right now... The idea was to have Sarah back but with Vanessa as a fresh, new character. The project has been shelved for now.

A fresh, new character? But shouldn't a Buffy movie be about Buffy, not a protege? And doesn't the existence of Dark Horse's Buffy Season Eight comic suggest that this movie would've lacked the involvement of Joss Whedon, who's busy telling an entirely different future for the franchise? Somehow, I think that being shelved may be the best thing for the movie.

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