New Service Brings Free Comics to Your Nintendo Switch

Comics subscription service InkyPen is offering Nintendo Switch users an expansive catalog of content, ranging from indie sensations to big-name corporate properties. Though currently only available for the Switch, founders Ronan Huggard and Peter Meldahl started the small company with the intention to create "'Netflix for comics."

In a press release, the company boasts "one of the largest" subscription catalogues in the world. The release also notes that various bugs have been fixed and features have been added to the platform, including a selection of free comics. InkyPen is adding comics on a regular basis, with "new publishers coming on board in the weeks ahead."

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Rather than simply focusing on a particular genre or region, InkyPen offers a wide range of comics. The library currently consists of "U.S. comics, European comics, webcomics and even a little manga." Huggard places the expansion of the manga section of the app as "the company's main priority" and the company is "excited to be talking to many Manga publishers." The catalogue can be accessed either through the app or a new website. The recent bug fix also allows Nintendo Switch users to browse the catalogue without having to subscribe or sign up.

Though only available for the Switch at the moment, the company's FAQ notes that user accounts will carry over when the app is launched on other platforms. Though no other platforms are mentioned, the company appears to be planning to expand its user base.

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