Ninja Turtles' foe will break your heart in 'The Ballad of Shredder'

There's more to Shredder than blade-covered armor, incompetent henchmen and a genius IQ. Perhaps that helmet is protecting more than the head of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' archenemy; deep down, he has feelings, and he'd express them if only someone would ask.

Thankfully, he doesn't wait around for Krang to broach the subject in this new video from ADHD. In it, the leader of the Foot Clan explores his emotions with moving lyrics like, Why am I so angry? Is it because I am alone? My friend’s insane; He’s a stomached brain; and my heart’s a technodrome."

If you can watch Shredder's tearful lament without shedding a tear, then you may be a heartless monster ...

(via Kotaku)

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