EXCLUSIVE: Valiant’s Ninja-K Expands, Adds Ariel Olivetti

Ninjak returns to Valiant Entertainment this November with the new series Ninja-K from the creative team of Christos Gage and Tomás Giorello -- and they're not doing it alone.

CBR has the first word that veteran comics artist Ariel Olivetti will join the Ninja-K creative team with December's issue #2, illustrating a three-part back-up story, written by Gage, set to tell the World War I-era origin of Ninja-A, MI-6’s first agent in its "Ninja Programme." This addition will see the monthly issues expand from the standard 32 pages to 40. Additionally, CBR can confirm that November's Ninja-K #1 has also seen a page count increase, from 40 to 48, with a 40-page main story.

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"Christos and Tomás have crafted an absolutely terrific history of who founded MI-6’s 'Ninja Programme' and how it came to be -- and now we’re proud to add the incredibly talented Ariel Olivetti to the formidable team that’s rapidly shaping Ninja-K into one of the most intense books on the stands," Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons said in an official statement.

Ninja-K is part of Valiant's "Icons" initiative, along with fellow 2017 launches X-O Manowar, Secret Weapons and Bloodshot Salvation. Ninjak is also the lead character in Valiant's live-action web series, Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, which was announced in 2016 and does not yet have a premiere date.

CBR has the first look at five Ninja-K #2 pages by Olivetti below. Ninja-K #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 15, with Ninja-K #2 set to follow on Dec. 20.

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