Ninja Boy #1 kicks down comics shop doors with free overship

Official Press Release

NINJA BOY #1 is coming - and this ultra-hot first issue is showing up at comics shops in force as DC provides a free 50% overship of the issue, scheduled to arrive in stores August 15.

This action-packed new WildStorm series, co-written by Alé Garza and Allen Warner, pencilled by Alé Garza, and inked by Dan Norton, is the first of WildStorm's new Pacific Rim-influenced titles, which include the upcoming titles TALEWEAVER and ROBO DOJO.

"We were thrilled to see people lining up in droves to meet Alé Garza and get sketches by him at Comic-Con International," says Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "NINJA BOY has all the fast-paced excitement of a title like BATTLE CHASERS or DANGER GIRL, and we believe that readers are really going to respond to it in a big way."

NINJA BOY stars Nakio, the youngest member of the Mugen ninja clan, who is being trained in their secret arts. But in his heart, Nakio dreams of becoming something more.

All this is put aside when Nakio's first solo mission fails. The evil Lord Mikaboshi has set a trap for young Nakio, who barely escapes with his life, only to find his home has been destroyed. Nakio must now journey to the center of the Old Forest to find a way to defeat the powerful Mikaboshi. Accompanied by his friend Sake - a furry, foul-mouthed woodland creature - Nakio must overcome Mantis Gods, Spider Queens, and black magic to find those who will battle by his side...that is, if master assassins Zensho and Raishu don't catch him first!

For a sneak peek at NINJA BOY, check out a preview at www.wildstorm.com!

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