Nine Reasons to Have Been There for the Chat...

By missing out on the Fred Van Lente Day Chat with Fred Van Lente, you missed...

1. Learning who is going to write the upcoming Savage She-Hulk mini-series

2. Finding out what the plans for Carmilla Black are in Fall of the Hulks

3. Fred sharing Halloween pictures of himself as a kid...who did he dress up as?!?!?!

4. Learning who Fred's favorite Spider-Man supporting character is

5. Discover what Marvel character made an appearance in one of Evil Twin Comics'...uhm...comics

6. Learn how Fred and Greg Pak share the writing duties on Incredible Hercules

7. News on the upcoming Complete Action Philosophers

8. Upcoming Hercules tidbits

and, most of all,

9. You missed Fred sharing a mysterious teaser image that will only appear in the chat itself!

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