Nine Districts To Rule Them All?

If Peter Jackson doesn't, as many have suggested, direct The Hobbit movies, will one of his proteges take on the responsibility? Rumor has it that District 9's Neil Blomkamp will turn out to be the man in charge.

Lord Of The Rings fansite OneRing.net reported at the weekend that they'd heard that Blomkamp, responsible for last summer's massively-successful South African alien metaphor flick, already has the job, although the site went to great pains to distance itself from confirming that as fact. Nonetheless, the idea makes a lot of sense, with Blomkamp and Jackson already having a good working relationship, as well as the director having a strong enough reputation not only for his filmmaking, but also for keeping budgets low. OneRing suggests that an official announcement may be made at next month's San Diego Comic-Con, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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