Niles, Morse team for <i>Crime and Terror</i> ongoing

Scott Morse (Strange Science Fantasy, Soulwind) and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night,Criminal Macabre) are teaming up on a new monthly series called Crime and Terror. Both writers announced the project on their respective blogs.

"It's filled with episodes detailing the events in the life of a detective named Mike Fallon who's going through some serious personal problems," Morse said on his blog. "On top of THAT, we'll be smacking you upside the head with a bunch of short, stand-alone stories: noir, horror, sci-fi, whatever we want. All drawn by me, some written by me, some by Steve. On top of THAT, we'll be throwing in new prose stories with spot-illos by me. Seriously, monthly is the plan, and every month, you'll cry with glee as you scream your face off."

"I'm thrilled about this project," Niles told me over email. "It's sort of the ultimate DIY book, Scott and I are emailing each other back and forth with stories and ideas and we're going straight to the comic page! Scott is incredible and fast and the excitement of see thing thing grow daily is amazing. I did a small Frankenstein book with Scott years ago but that was more of a case of my writing and him doing the art. This is immediate, and spontaneous and I'm loving the results."

The Frankenstein story appeared in the IDW-published Big Book of Horror, which also included Niles' collaborations with artists Ted McKeever and Richard Sala.

"Scott and I have known each other for years. I think we actually met at House of Secret, a comic store in Burbank where we all hang. Scott and I both have a huge love of pulp and the pre-hero monster books. Scott actually reads Tales to Astonish and books like that to his boys. I love that," Niles said. "So we're doing this. We have no idea where it will wind up, but we're doing it."

Morse, whose day job at Pixar keeps him pretty busy, also noted he's working on another five-issue series for later this year called Ten Against the World, which he described as "hot rods and monsters, Rebel Without A Cause a'la pre-hero Kirby. Kinetic, insane, pure comic."

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