Niles escapes from hell: writer leaves 'Hellspawn' with #16

[Hellspawn #16]Thursday, Steve Niles announced that with issue #16 of the Image Comic "Hellspawn" he'll be done with the title, for now.

"I wanted to wait until 'Hellspawn' 16 hit the stands - and Ben and I had the chance to wrap up the Hellworld story-arc - but I'm sorry to announce that 16 will be my last issue of 'Hellspawn'... for the time being," Niles told fans on his Forums.

"Officially, this is just a break I'm taking while I concentrate on our original titles like 'Dark Days' and 'Criminal Macabre' and a bazillion other projects.

"This is a peaceful, mutual decision between Todd [McFarlane] and I so don't read into it too much.

"I really enjoyed my run on 'Hellspawn.' Even with all of the delays, controversies and the rest, I will always have a special place in my heart for that sum-bitch Simmons. Besides he owes me now.

"I got him out of Hell."

Next up for Niles is "Criminal Macabre" in May from Dark Horse and "Dark Days," the follow-up to the smash-hit "30 Days of Night," will see the light of day this June from IDW. For more on both series, see our February interview with Niles.

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