Nike To Release Those Self-Lacing Shoes From <i>Back To The Future</i>

I'm really not quite sure what to say when fiction takes the completely bizarre turn of becoming a reality. Especially in this case. The future is now?

Shoemaker Nike has decided it's good business to release high-tech sneakers featured in a 22-year-old movie. The full story is actually quite a bit more awesome than that, but that's basically what we're looking at here. The company filed a patent in 2009 for self-lacing shoes, inspired by the pair of Nikes seen in Back to the Future: Part II in 1989. This happened a year after the company put out a special edition of Air McFly sneakers, which didn't self-lace. The new ones, though? They will.

Nike is holding an official launch event in Los Angeles today for these Air Mags. Until then, you'll have to make do with the ridiculous teaser trailer above.

For the record, I'm not sure whether I should be really snarky and cynical or flat-out overwhelmingly excited. It's a mix of emotions right now. I'm pretty sure this is awesome news, though.

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