Nike Announces Self-Lacing Shoes, Toyota Creates Homage Truck for 'Back to the Future' Day

The future has arrived! In an announcement on their website, Nike unveiled a series of self-lacing shoes called the 2015 Nike Mag, which are modeled after Marty McFly's "Back to the Future II" attire. No release date was included in the announcement, nor was it made clear if or when the shoes will be made available to the public; however, the shoes will be auctioned off in spring 2016 with proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

"We started creating something for fiction and we turned it into fact, inventing a new technology that will benefit all athletes," Nike, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker said in a statement. "By imagining the future, we create it. Product that comes alive, with on-demand comfort and support when you need, product that senses you and adapts to you is right around the corner."

The announcement calls the shoe line "just the first iteration," suggesting more series are to come. Michael J. Fox himself, who starred in the film, was gifted with a pair of the shoes.

Additionally, Toyota got into the "Back to the Future" spirit by turning a 2016 Tacoma into Marty’s 1985 black pickup truck from the film. There are no plans to mass produce the truck, but it will be at certain locations around the country for viewing. Check out a few snapshots of the truck below.

In the original 1989 film, McFly (Fox) traveled to the far-off date October 21, 2015 in order to rescue his future children from an unsavory fate. During his visit, Doc (Christopher Lloyd) equipped him with the latest tech of the future, including self-tying shoes and a hoverboard.

Coincidentally, the 30th Anniversary “Back to the Future” Blu-ray/DVD trilogy set — which features a new short starring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown — was also released on October 21.

This is real. This is today. Coming spring 2016. cc: @RealMikeFox @Nike pic.twitter.com/KPswXNojvA

— michaeljfox.org (@MichaelJFoxOrg) October 21, 2015

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