"Nightwing" Writer Seeley Signs Exclusive with DC Entertainment

If you're enjoying writer Tim Seeley's take on Dick Grayson's return to his Nightwing roots, you're not alone. The writer has signed an exclusive arrangement with DC Entertainment to work exclusively for DC Comics and Vertigo.

Bob Harras, DC Entertainment Editor-In-Chief expressed his enthusiasm over adding Seeley to DC Comics' growing roster of talent. "Tim Seeley is an incredible storyteller and I'm very proud to have him as part of our Talent family," Harras said in a press release.

The co-writer of "Batman Eternal" agreed with Harras' sentiment over the new deal. "Working with DC for the past several years has been a total pleasure, and has allowed me to collaborate with some of the best editors and writers and artists in all of comics," said the writer.

Following the events of 2014's "Forever Evil," Seeley, along with co-writer and current "Batman" scribe Tom King, stripped Dick Grayson of his Nightwing identity, transforming him into Spyral agent 37, in the 2014 series "Grayson." Seeley continues working with the character, now transitioning Dick back into the black and blue in Rebirth's "Nightwing" ongoing series.

"DC has given me the opportunity to work on some of my favorite books, including 'Batman,' 'Robin War,' 'Nightwing' and 'The Lost Boys,' as well as nurture my desire to create new content. This made it easy to call DC my new creative home." As part of the deal, according to Newsarama, Seeley's contract still allows him to work on his Image Comics creator-owned titles "Hack/Slash" and "Revival."

Seeley tweeted about the news, confirming his decision to work exclusively with one publisher for the first time.

I made it exclusive for the first time! To a company anyway. I have a girlfriend. Um...YEAH DC!! https://t.co/tyFu2ToMBk

- Tim Seeley (@HackinTimSeeley) August 10, 2016

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