Nightwing, Red X Arrive in Latest Teen Titans Go! Funko Pop Figures

More Teen Titans Go! Pop!s are on the way. In the third series of the popular Funko collectibles, fans can look forward to some familiar faces to add to their collections, including Robin's future identity Nightwing, his other identity of Red X, and a special Pop! featuring Nightwing carrying his and Batgirl’s child in an infant carrier.

Throughout several episodes of Teen Titans Go!, Robin has been portrayed as eventually becoming Nightwing. In one episode, Beast Boy and Cyborg travel to the future and learn that their former leader has not only taken on a new identity, he's also raised a son with Batgirl -- a son who is present on a limited edition Pop!. (In another episode, Nightwing lives a rather hilariously lonely life, at one point even stealing a sandwich from his younger self.)


As for Red X, Robin has portrayed him once in the series in an effort to infiltrate the HIVE...and to also leave the admittedly messy Titans Tower. There are two versions of Robin as Red X available: one with the mask on, and one without it.

Other Pop!s included in Funko's latest series are Mammoth, Starfire as Batgirl, Raven as her famous Lady Legasus persona, and Rose Wilson. The various Funkos will be available at retailers ranging from Toys R Us and Hot Topic to Books a Million. They’ll be available to buy sometime this winter.

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