Nightwing: The New Order Gives Lois Lane Her Proper Due


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for DC's Nightwing: The New Order #4 by Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy, out now.

Although she has been nothing but a mere human for the longest time (save for the occasional accidental super-powered spell), a version of Lois Lane was finally given her proper superheroic due in this week's Nightwing: The New Order #4. The comic miniseries takes place in another reality, in a much bleaker future where an older Dick Grayson is at the head of a government agency that regulates and hunts down metahumans for the sake of public safety. It might not take place in the proper DC Universe -- in fact, the series is much more akin to a DC Elseworlds story, but that doesn't matter.

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Lois Lane has always been a popular character. Even though she might not have superpowers like those of her husband, or even her son, she has, through the years, proven to be just as important a character as any hero or villain DC has to offer. But, for the most part, she is always a character relegated to the sidelines of a conflict, be that in the comic books or on the big screen. Lois Lane fans know of her strength, and they know how dedicated she is not only to the stories she chases, but to her family. She is an honorable character and a source of inspiration for women everywhere, one who deserves to be put on the same pedestal as Wonder Woman.

Nightwing The New Order future Teen Titans

The issue in question sees the old Dick Grayson, who has found himself on the run from the the government and his own forces after his son started developing metahuman abilities, meet up with his old friends from his Teen Titans days. But these heroes aren't teens anymore -- they are now older, just like him, and battle-hardened resistance fighters. The team is all there: there's Cyborg and Beast Boy, Starfire and Wally West, who doesn't exactly qualify as "Kid" Flash anymore. But there's also a new member in the team's ranks, one who appears to have been a part of this fight for a long while now: Lois Lane, powered by a Blue Lantern ring of hope.

We don't know the reasons Lois found herself in possession of this ring, and it's actually not important, because what's great about this revelation is, it isn't made to be a big deal. It's just something that is to be accepted. There is no big splash page reveal, no dialogue that screams "Lois Lane?! You're a Blue Lantern?!" In fact, it takes a while for the issue to even confirm that this Lois is in fact Lois Lane, something that is later confirmed thanks to her mention of working as a journalist.

Nightwing The New Order Lois Lane Blue Lantern

This approach is even more befitting of Lois Lane because it isn't surprising to see. Like in the issue's story itself, it very much makes sense. Lois Lane has always been a character filled with hope. Her husband, Superman, is a character defined by his hopeful persona. But it's just as true for Lois Lane. Superman instills hope in others, but who instill hopes in him? Why, Lois Lane of course, the representation of the best humanity has to offer. Dedication and goodness, personified.

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Perhaps what is even more of Lois Lane's importance in the series is that, with metahuman powers almost gone from the world, she is actually one of the last remaining super-powered heroes on the planet. Her ring's power might be limited, but it's a force of the universe which can't be contained by the reach of the government. This almost seems like a natural progression for the character, and it's one that would be right at home in the proper DC Universe. There's only a few issues left of Nightwing: The New Order, but here's hoping we get to see a whole lot more of this Blue Lantern-wielding Lois Lane -- if not in the miniseries, then in her own spin-off series. At least, one can hope.

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