Nightwing: Klaus Janson to Illustrate Flashback Issue

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DC Comics’ January solicitations have revealed that Klaus Janson will provide full interior art for Nightwing #37. Janson is best known for his work on the likes of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil.

While he’s best known for his inking (and has won numerous awards for his craft), Janson is also famed for his skills as a penciller and colorist. Despite his many talents, it’s rare for Janson to provide full interior art for an issue these days. Janson was a frequent collaborator with Frank Miller back in the '80s, and their artistic stylings mingled as a result. The two have not worked together since scheduling and inking disputes during the production of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns soured their relationship.

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Janson will be working on Nightwing #37, which sees Dick Grayson revisit his time as Robin to determine if his tutelage under Batman has any connection to a modern-day crime. Nightwing will also run across another costumed crimefighter who will aid him in his journey.

Written by Sam Humphries, with art by Klaus Janson, Nightwing #37 goes on sale in comic shops on Jan. 17, 2018. Cover art is provided by Bernard Chang, while a variant cover will be illustrated by Casey Jones.

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