Nightwing Co-Writer Eric Esquivel Removed From Issue #58

DC Comics has announced that Eric Esquivel will no longer co-write Nightwing #58, scheduled to be released in March 2019. The comic was set to be solicited in DC Comics' January Previews later today, so DC's decision to remove Esquivel from the book actually predates their official announcement that he was going to be co-writing the book in the first place.

In a statement released to retailers, DC explained the change: "Please note that Nightwing #58, soliciting in the January DC Previews, will no longer be cowritten by Eric M. Esquivel. Watch for an announcement of the updated writing credits coming soon."

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DC did not give an explanation for why Esquivel was removed from the series, but it likely has to do with the company's decision to cancel Esquivel's Vertigo series Border Town after toy designer Cynthia Naugle went public with allegations that Esquivel abused her in the past, including claims of sexual assault.

Border Town's artist and colorist Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain both quit the series in the wake of Naugle's allegations and DC soon canceled the series outright.

This Nightwing announcement comes a day after Esquivel made a controversial public statement on Twitter regarding the allegations.

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