Nightwing Director Will 'Cast a Wide Net' to Find 'Perfect' Lead

Nightwing from DC Comics

Nightwing has yet to cast its lead role, but director Chris McKay is on the hunt for "the perfect person" for the part -- and he's casting "a wide net" in order to do so. On Twitter, McKay addressed a fan who was looking for an update and offered a little insight into his casting process for the film.

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Considering McKay's comments, it seems as though the director is less concerned about roping in a big-name actor for the part and more preoccupied with finding the "perfect" star, regardless of whether he's a newcomer or not. Further, it seems as though the script isn't quite done just yet. Though these major steps are still in the works, McKay has his priorities in order: he wants Nightwing "to blow your mind."

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McKay has already outlined his demands for the star that ends up playing Dick Grayson. When one fan said she hopes the actor "loves him as much as you do," McKay responded, "He has to. It has to be full commitment. Every day. It is going to be gruelling from a martial arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective... Also emotionally taxing. It's going to be real."

Warner Bros. has yet to announce a release date for Nightwing. The movie is expected to film sometime in 2018.

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