Comic Legends: Was Deathwing Originally From the Dark Multiverse?

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This time, it's a Dick Grayson-themed week! Here is the first legend. Here is the second legend.

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Deatwhing in the current Nightwing series was originally going to be from the Dark Multiverse.



My pal Jude Deluca suggested this one.

In the 1990s, a Nightwing from the future of the Team Titans (a group of Titans from the future who traveled to the past to kill the man who tormented their world when he was still a baby. They stopped the creation of the villain - without killing him - but they remained trapped in the present) traveled to the present and was then warped by Raven (who was in a bad period in her life) to become the villainous Deathwing...

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Okay, so fast forward twenty years or so and a few different continuity reboots and Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez and Chris Sotomayor introduced a NEW Deathwing in Nightwing #17, who attacks Nightwing and Robin (Damian Wayne, who used to be Dick's partner when Dick was filling in as Batman)...

Deathwing stabs Dick with a special knife and suddenly Dick seemed to see a whole MULTIVERSE of Dick Graysons, including the original Deathwing!

After they were saved by a sort of "Death" version of Robin, though, they realized that Deathwing was a creation of the villainous and twisted Professor Pyg!

Pyg, in turn, was working for the even MORE villainous Simon Hurt!

Now, you might be wondering what the deal was with that little Multiversal journey.

As it turned out, the original plan for Deathwing was that he was going to be from the Dark Multiverse, as a tie-in with Dark Nights Metal, which saw our world turned upside down by the introduction of a series of "Dark" versions of Batman...

I asked Tim Seeley if that was the case, and he very nicely filled me in with a simple yes!

Oh well, that would have been a cool twist, but the Deathwing that made its way into the published comics was still a cool character!

Thanks to Jude for the suggestion and thanks so much to Tim for the confirmation!

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