Nightwing Director Picks a Side in Debate Over Bat-Family Masks

One subtle, yet defining factor among the different superheroes in the Batman family is that their masks all have white eyes in the comics. Batman, Robin, Batwoman and so on -- all of them have white lenses. The only members of the Bat-family to really break this trend are both Batgirl and Catwoman.

For the upcoming solo movie focused on Nightwing, it seems possible that the white lenses could make their debut in the DC Extended Universe. When Nightwing director Chris McKay was asked by a fan on Twitter to bring the Bat-family's white lenses to the big screen, McKay said that they should be a staple going forward. For his part, McKay said he agreed with the sentiment, but didn't outright make a definitive statement either way.

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In the comics, the white lenses are used to hide a hero's identity, though in some interpretations the eyes can be seen via translucent lenses. This has never been a thing for the live-action versions of the characters, save for a brief version of it in 2008's The Dark Knight. If Nightwing does go with the white lenses, it may end up with one of the most comics-accurate live-action costumes to date.

Nightwing will arrive in theaters in the near future.

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