Nightwing's 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

Nightwing is one of the coolest DC characters to have ever lived. Sure, that sounds biased, but really, it's just the truth. The DC universe has a ton of amazing characters, but Nightwing has stood the test of time of being a character that has gone from dorky to cool—from Robin to Nightwing. The character has been as cool as Batman, and for some, even cooler. He went out and claimed his rightful title as Nightwing, stepping out of the shadows of Batman and becoming a hero in his own right. He has had some amazing adventures, both in love and in fighting, and we have loved reading about them and watching them.

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Now, here is the most pressing question of all: when does he look his best? He has had a number of costumes—almost twenty—but we've compiled the top ten looks and costumes that are worth mentioning. We're sure that some people will disagree, but hear us out before you write us off. Here are Nightwing's 10 Best Costumes, Ranked.

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The only reason why this suit is last on the list is because, considering how far Nightwing has come now, it just feels a little goofy. But when it came out, it was definitely amazing.

It's a perfect image of the period that it came out in, making it perfectly designed for the character and the time that he was being written in. In all honesty, the only reason why it makes the last on the list is because of the fact that it is just the least modern of them all.


It was actually pretty difficult deciding whether or not this one should be last instead of the Disco Suit, but the Judas costume ended up getting an upgrade, which is why it deserved second-to-last.

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The shape of the bird is pretty awesome despite the fact that the suit as a whole might not exactly be the coolest. Luckily, it ended up looking amazing in animation.


This was a much better suit than the original Disco Suit, and it was the desperate upgrade that Nightwing needed from the first Disco Suit. Sure, it's still a little cheesy but all things considered, it's not the worst. 

Just scroll back up to see the actual worst one. The light gloves are a wonderful touch to the suit that ended up being lost throughout the many designs, but it was still cool for the time that it came out.


Batman: Under the Red Hood is amazing for a lot of reasons, and that deserves a whole other article. It has one of the best stories in the history of Batman and Nightwing, and it definitely has one of the best costumes.

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The costume is such a nice mix between being stylish and tactical. His hairstyle matches as well: short, to the point, and unable to get in his way. The small blue on his collar is a nice little touch to what otherwise would have been a design that may not have stood out.


Young Justice is definitely one of the better animations out there, right up with Batman: The Animated Series in terms of both storylines and costume designs.

The suit seems more like armor than something made of latex and we love it. The character design seems to match perfectly with his personality, and it seemed like a perfect fitting for him.


Batman Unlimited is a web series that featured this particular version of Nightwing, but to be fair, it is very original. It doesn't look like any other Nightwing costume, and that's why it's so high up on the list.

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It would have been very easy for anyone to design a costume that looked exactly the same, or made the most minor of upgrades, but this was iconic in its own right. By looking different, it allowed him to stand out, and we think that deserves endless praise.


Okay, hear us out. Sure, it is not exactly the most traditional Nightwing costume, but it is definitely one of the coolest.

We're sure a lot of people will have problems with that, but we can't deny the exquisite quality and uniqueness that this particular costume had. Sure, CGI didn't do it justice, but come on! The attempted costume and the clear idea they had in mind was amazing. Even his hair got an upgrade with this costume.


The red suit comes to us from The New 52, and it brought about a solo series for Nightwing. The red design took a leaf out of the blue suit's notebook, and if possible, it almost beats it.

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It doesn't quite, just because the blue has wormed its way into our hearts for being a classic, but the red is definitely one of the coolest, fiercest armor suits that he has ever worn. It's also a cute little callback to the red that he had in his suit when he was Robin.


There are a couple of variations of the famous blue and black costume, but we've chosen the best of the best to be on the list. This costume is so iconic it's almost worth being number one. Almost.

It is, hands down, the most recognizable suit of all time, right up there with the original Robin suit. The blue that extends all the way down to his hands is honestly magnificent. It is basically flawless, but there is one suit that will always be better than it.


This is THE suit. This design, which came into being in the DC Rebirth series, was the modern version of the Blue V design that we mentioned before.

While it is one of the newer suits, it ended up being known as a classic, as it looks fresh, sleek, and modern. The colors are rich and match beautifully, too. It really compliments Nightwing and has always been a fan favorite.

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