"Nightmares and Fairy Tales" Returns with Original Artist

Official Press Release

In Nightmares and Fairy Tales, a comic series by Serena Valentino and FSc launched in 2001, an antique doll named Annabelle, passed from owner to owner, holds frightening secrets and stories of love, betrayal, violence, and madness. Annabelle doesn't know why doomed women are drawn to her, or whether she's somehow causing the havoc that destroys their lives. But now, in the new four-issue miniseries Nightmares and Fairy Tales: Annabelle's Story, she's finally found someone who can hear her voice, a young girl named Gwen, and with her, Annabelle is determined to find the meaning of her existence -- and to help one of the young women from her past.

Co-creator and artist Foo Swee Chin (also know as FSc) returns to drawing duties after Valentino teamed up with artists Crab Scrambly and Camilla d'Errico for issues #13 through #22. "Annabelle's Story" ties up what Valentino calls "a few loose ribbons" from the first two issues, as delves further into the story of Morgan, a young woman wrongly imprisoned in an asylum, and Dominque, her tormenter.

"It's been years since FSc and I have worked together," said Valentino. "We have both grown as artists and I think that will reveal itself in these new issues. While keeping in the original spirit of the series, I feel we are both bringing something entirely new to the universe and characters we both love so well."

Nightmares and Fairy Tales: Annabelle's Story #1 is a 24-page black-and-white comic book and will be released in December 2010.

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