Nightmare On Elm Street Star Hosts 'Secret' Radio Show

Appearing on the horror film podcast Shock Waves, Nightmare On Elm Street legend Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson) revealed that she regularly hosts a radio show, on a Malibu FM station, under the pseudonym "Sandy Bottoms."

“It’s a low power station in Malibu called KBUU 97.5,” the star noted on the podcast. “One of my friends started this station literally in his spare bedroom. So, we have the smallest license in the world, I think, for an FM station. [Laughs] So, I used to go to Colorado a lot, and there were little FM stations that were so full of soul, you just knew where you were by listening to the radio — before Sinclair took over everything. And so, I’m like, I’m going to model my show after these kind of hometown radio stations."

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She explained, "So, I have a pseudonym — my name’s ‘Sandy Bottoms’ — and all I do is talk about the weather, and the surf, and then I’ll talk about how there’s a pie festival on Saturday, and you want to make sure you get your entry form in. It’s all true. I feel like small town America is pretty much dead and a lot of it’s because there’s no radio, there’s no local TV anymore, everything is just so national and worldly. So, I just told the director, his name is Hans, I’m going to do this super-corny show," adding, "I don’t know what the super tunes of the day are, so I let the computer pretty much pick all the songs from the ’80s and ’90s that I liked. If you listen to my show, you’ll hear Chrissie Hynde singing ‘Brass in Pocket’ like every week.”

Langenkamp starred as scream queen Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare On Elm Street and its acclaimed threequel, The Dream Warriors, in addition to playing herself in Wes Craven's delightfully meta return to the franchise, New Nightmare. She's set to star in the next, direct-to-video, entry in the Hellraiser franchise, Hellraiser: Judgement.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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