<i>Night at the Museum 3</i> in Works With Ben Stiller and Shawn Levy

You didn't think the Night at the Museum series would stop at Battle of the Smithsonian, did you? Fox has announced that a third installment of the film franchise is in the works, and that in theaters on Christmas 2014.

Both director Shawn Levy and star Ben Stiller will be back for the upcoming movie, although it's unclear what the story will be about or where it will be set. Night at the Museum, released in 2006, was set in New York City's American Museum of Natural History, while 2009's Battle of the Smithsonian was set in Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian Institution. Expect an exciting array of co-stars to be brought on board this time around.

It makes sense that both Levy and Stiller would want to return to this series. Night at the Museum made $250 million in the United States alone, while its sequel made $177 million domestically and even more worldwide. Levy's movies since, Date Night and Real Steel, were solid hits but didn't touch those numbers. Similarly, none of Stiller's subsequent movies did better than the Night at the Museum films.

Night at the Museum follows Stiller as a night watchman in museums who watches them come to life after the institutions close. The two movies have starred everyone from Robin Williams and Steve Coogan to Amy Adams and Owen Wilson as the various historical figures in the museums.

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