Nicotero Designed a Bernie Wrightson Tribute Zombie for "The Walking Dead"

Greg Nicotero not only executive produces "The Walking Dead," he also directs episodes and oversees the make up/special effects for the AMC show's increasingly gruesome Walkers. And while he's known for including Easter egg Walkers in a number of the show's episodes, referencing everything from "Dawn of the Dead" to "Aliens" and "Jaws," last night's episode,"Always Accountable," was no different.

On Instagram, Nicotero shared a pre-and post-digital effects look at the episode's moss-covered Walker, along with a bit of behind-the-scenes context explaining how the undead flesh-eater was an homage to the artwork of comic book horror legend Bernie Wrightson.

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"Something I've wanted to do on the show for some time to take walkers look even further...remove area under the ribs and nose and alas Scott wrote 'Wrightson' walker in the script as a tribute to the zombie artwork of genius Bernie Wrightson."

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AFTER removal of blue areas with nose and torso designed by John Wheaton at KNB @thewalkingdeadamc @amcthewalkingdead make up applied by Kevin Wasner #knbefxgroup

A photo posted by Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on

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