Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood Plan a Heist (Badly) in 'The Trust' Trailer

Although Nicolas Cage and some studios seem to think the he's well suited for action, fantasy and horror, time and again we see the actor at his best in the kind of offbeat fare that defined his early career. Judging from the trailer, "The Trust" may be just that kind of film.

Cage stars alongside Elijah Wood as a pair of nobody cops working dull administrative jobs who make extra cash by selling stolen Civil Service Exams to other officers. When one of them hears a story about a heroin dealer who quickly comes up with the money for his extremely high bail, they set out to discover the origin of the loot. Following a trail that leads to a custom bank-style vault built into the freezer of a small grocery store, they set into motion a plan to rob the vault. However, by the time they figure out what's inside, it's already too late to turn back.

Directed by Alex Brewer and Benjamin Brewer from a script by Benjamin Brewer and Adam Hirsch, "The Trust" also stars Sky Ferreira and Jerry Lewis. The film premieres April 14 on DirecTV, and May 13 in theaters and on Demand.

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