Nicola Scott Teases Her 'Never Going to Happen' Sensation Comics #1000 Cover


While next week may see the release of Detective Comics #1000, acclaimed artist Nicola Scott is already thinking of the anniversary of another iconic DC Comics superhero: Wonder Woman.

Scott shared a just-for-fun piece of art celebrating the history of Wonder Woman, similar to her variant cover for Detective Comics #1000 and her variant for last year's Action Comics #1000, completing DC's iconic Trinity of superheroes in a group image chronicling each character's visual transformation over the past 80 years.

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A lifelong Wonder Woman fan herself, Scott illustrated the acclaimed "Wonder Woman: Year One," retelling the Amazonian superhero's origin during the DC Rebirth era, with writer and Scott's fellow Black Magick co-creator Greg Rucka.

While the main Wonder Woman title has a ways to go before it reaches its own 1000th issue, the 80th anniversary of the character will be reached in January 2022, marking eight decades since the character's creation by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter in January 1942's Sensation Comics #1.

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In the meantime, Scott's variant cover for Detective Comics #1000 will be available to purchase on March 27 from DC Comics.

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