Nicola Scott Draws a Buttload of Dick Graysons in New Print

To prepare for an upcoming wave of comic conventions, fan-favorite artist Nicola Scott has released a new art print tracing the visual evolution of Dick Grayson.

The image has everything from the original Golden Age Robin to his return to his classic black-and-blue color scheme to DC Rebirth. For the most recent incarnation of the former Boy Wonder, Scott has chosen to highlight Nightwing's magnificent, immaculate gluts, putting them front and center of the print.

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Scott previously illustrated a similar visual evolution of Batman as a retailer variant for this year's Detective Comics #1000, as well as one showcasing Superman for last year's Action Comics #1000. As part of her deep love and appreciation for the character, Scott later created a similar piece for Wonder Woman as a standalone print.

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For those looking to pick up a print or purchase other pieces, including original art, Scott has an online store, though the print of Nightwing's well-toned rear appears to be con-exclusive.

Scott previously teamed with Greg Rucka to reimagine Wonder Woman's origins for the DC Rebirth era. She is poised to draw Brian Michael Bendis' upcoming take on Booster Gold, which spins out of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium.

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