Nicktoons Takes A Shine To Teen Tony, Renews <i>Iron Man: Armored Adventures</i>

Given the ratings of the series' first season and the box-office domination of the movie sequel, it's no surprise that Nicktoons has renewed the animated Iron Man: Armored Adventures for another 26 episodes.

The 3D CGI cartoon, which premiered in April 2009 as the network's highest-rated original series, follows orphaned teen prodigy Tony Stark as he uses an experimental suit of invincible armor to fight evil and honor his father's memory.

The show has featured appearances by the likes of the Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo, A.I.M., Madame Masque, M.O.D.O.K., the Incredible Hulk and Fin Fang Foom in addition to recurring characters such as Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan and Obadiah Stane. The second season, which debuts in 2011, promises to weave in Nick Fury, Whiplash, Dr. Doom and Magneto.

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