Nickelodeon Greenlights Superhero Comedy <i>The Thundermans</i>

Superheroes are bigger than ever right now. The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises each made more than a billion dollars last year, so expect a lot of networks and studios to try and follow suit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon is getting in on the game with a new live-action comedy for kids called The Thundermans.

The show revolves around 14-year-old twins with powers played by newcomers Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo. Kosarin's character has aspirations to be a hero while Griffo's wants to be bad, all the while dealing with their parents and annoying younger siblings. Rosa Blasi (Make It or Break It), Chris Tallman (Reno 911), Diego Velazquez (Extraordinary Measures) and Addison Riecke are also set to star.

Jed Spingarn, who has written for Pinky & the Brain, Johnny Bravo and Big Time Rush, will executive produce the first, 13-episode season.

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