Nicholas Cage To Sell Comic Collection

[Nicolas Cage]He once dreamed of playing the Man of Steel, now Nicholas Cage will be selling his comic collection, including a copy of "Action Comics" #1, the first appearance of Superman.

At Dallas ComiCon, which runs the weekend of October 11-13, Cage's collection will be put up for auction, Heritage Comics, one of two brokerage houses auctioning off the collection, announced on Tuesday.

Cage, who at one time was director Tim Burton's pick to play Superman in a never-realized film adaptation, is famously a comic book fan: Instead of relying on his given last name of Coppola, Cage chose a new last name based on his favorite superhero, Marvel Comics' Luke Cage, Power Man.

The collection being auctioned off includes "Action Comics" #1, "Brave and the Bold" #38 (the first appearance of the Justice League), "Fantastic Four" #1, "Green Lantern" #1 and more. A complete list of the approximately 400 comics and their respective conditions is being compiled and will be released once the evaluation of the books is complete.

No reason was announced for Cage's decision.

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