Niceiza talks "Cable & Deadpool" & "Deadpool/ GLI-Summer Fun"

The summer is shaping up to be a good one for fans of Marvel Comics' Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool.   The series he shares with Nathan Summers   (AKA Cable),Cable & Deadpool, will tie into some of the big events happening in the X-Men titles and in July, Wilson will team with the Mightiest Heroes -- of Wisconsin, the Great Lakes Intiative, for a special one-shot. We spoke with Fabian Niceza, writer of Cable & Deadpool and co-writer along with Dan Slott of Deadpool/GLI-Summer Fun Spectacular about both books.

In recent months both Cable and Deadpool have enjoyed a higher profile in the Marvel Universe. Cable and Deadpool tied into the events of Civil War and Cable has been appearing in the pages of X-Men as a member of Rogue's team.   This has lead to an influx of new readers for Cable & Deadpool. But it remains to be seen yet if they all can actually read, Nicieza told CBR News. Some might just like the pretty pictures, a few, I'm sure, are only reading to see as much Cable and Deadpool nudity as we can cram into one issue and still get the Comics Code Seal of Approval.

One of the reasons Cable got involved in Civil War was to oppose the U.S. government's formation of a superhuman army. As shown in the Civil War issues, Cable -- as usual -- was mildly amused and mildly annoyed by the silly shenanigans of the U.S. superhuman community, Nicieza explained. But based on things that will be happening in our X-over, the U.S. situation will be the least of his worries.

Since Cable and Deadpool recently ended their friendship/partnership, recent issues of the book have dealt with Deadpool and his worries about his reputation as a mercenary. Cable may not have been in these issues, but he was keeping busy. Cable has been busy with X-Men stuff while consolidating the government of Rumekistan, the country he helped liberate from Flag-Smasher, Nicieza said.They have elections coming up and Cable is keen to show how democracy building really works.

With issue #40 (in stores this week) the spotlight in Cable & Deadpool shifts back to Cable as the new storyline Fractured begins, which as Nicieza mentioned begins the book's X-over with Mike Carey's X-Men. #40-42 occur simultaneously to the events of 'X-Men' #198-200, Nicieza explained. Though it seems to be a giant secret, #42 ties in very, very heavily to 'X-Men' #200, fleshing out 'between panel' stuff not shown in that issue.

Nicieza couldn't give any plot details about Fractured, but he could hint at the story's impact. I am sworn to secrecy, but the events of 'Fractured' and 'X-Men' #200 will create major changes to 'CDP,' Nicieza stated.

Nicieza was able to reveal that Cable's support staff on Providence, his fellow X-Men and Deadpool, all play roles in Fractured. Plus a surprise or two here and there, Nicieza said. You never know where those nasty Marauders will turn up, do you?

Deadpool's appeareance in Fractured could mean there's some hope that he and Cable might be able to be associates and maybe even again. I think they have a beautiful, touching reunion in #42, Niceiza stated.After that, well, we'll see.

Fractured may lead to a reunion between Cable and Deadpool, but it could lead to a farewell between Cable and the residents of his island nation of Providence because, as readers saw in the current Critical Condition arc of X-Men, the nation is being   devastated by the attack of the entity known as the Hecatomb. I'd say most of the islands residents are seasick, Nicieza said. Since they are all forced to evacuate the island.

Fractured concludes with issue #42 of Cable & Deadpool. In issue #43, a new two-part storyline begins titled Deadpoopl and Wolverine, which finds the Merc with a Mouth and the Canucklehead teaming up, well, sort of. The term 'Team-up' as far as Wolvie and DP are concerned is such a tenuous concept, isn't it? They appear in the same issue, let's put it that way, Niceiza explained. One of the two might behead the other. We'll see. The story revolves around some increased HYDRA activity at the facility where Deadpool's friend, Weasel, has been held captive. Wolvie wants to tear the base apart. DP wants to rescue Weasel. Hilarity and entrails ensue. And of course, Marvel's newest superstar, BOB, Agent of Hydra, appears in the issue. He is integral to the plot. Well, not really, but no one is better than he is at hiding during a battle.

Deadpool and Wolverine begins in July, which is the same month Wade Wilson teams up with a group of Marvel Heroes, The Great Lakes Initiative (formerly the Great Lakes Avengers and Great Lakes Champions) in the pages of the one-shot special Deadpool/GLI-Summer Fun. I think it was editor supreme Nicole Boose who suggested [the special], he said. Or maybe it was Dan. I know it wasn't me, because if I'd suggested it, we wouldn't be doing it right now. Probably Dan. He's Nifty Nine or Terrific Ten or whatever it is, right?

Niceiza and his collaborator Slott are friends and talk often. Dan and I collaborate on life, Nicieza stated. Well, it's mostly him whining about his schedule and me whining about being a has-been, but we come to a nice middle ground. We each wrote our stories separately, with me taking the lead story and Dan wanting to do all the smaller back-up story fun   'Slott-bits.' We talked all of it through, especially since the Great Lakes team is now a vital part of marvel's countrywide Initiative program. All unregistered superhumans in Wisconsin and the Dakotas better watch out.

I know there's a lead story that's 18 pages, Nicieza continued. I think Dan's stories are all different lengths. I forget how many he is writing. 20 or something. The lead story revolves around AIM's acquisition of a unique power on a God-like level when a certain God falls from Olympus and crash lands on Earth. With all of the U.S. heroes incapacitated, it's up to DP and the GLI to foil their nefarious plan. I know Dan has fun stories set-up revolving around DP, Squirrel Girl and Speedball (you're crazy if you think I'll ever call him Penance), DP and Big Bertha and a bunch of other stuff.

The Marvel formerly known as Speedball won't be the only guest star appearance in Deadpool/GLI. The new Fantastic Four briefly appear in the lead story, Nicieza said. One of them might even throw up.

Nicieza and Slott's stories in Deadpool/GLI will take readers to a variety of exciting locales. It's the usual, Nicieza said. A little bit of Olympus. A little Manhattan. A little bit of Christmas Mountain in the Wisconsin Dells. Typical sprawling, cataclysmic Marvel Universe adventure.

If readers like Deadpool/GLI-Summer Fun there is a possibility that Nicieza and Slott might do more sprawling, cataclysmic Marvel Universe adventures with the characters. I think Nicole would cry if we said yes, Nicieza stated. But whether those would be tears of joy or agony is something we might never know.

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