Nic Cage Suits Up As Big Daddy

It's been a long strange journey for "Kick-Ass" - the Matthew Vaughn-helmed film adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.'s ultra-violent superhero satire comic from Icon. Self-financed by Vaughn with no distributor in place, the movie took positive word of mouth from this past summer's Comic-Con International in San Diego and rolled it into a distribution deal with Lion's Gate who will release the picture in April of 2010.

Ever since that final deal fell into place, the internet has been ramping up with "Kick-Ass" teases, and today UGO.com unveiled the one-sheet poster featuring famed comic fan and Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy - the film's only adult superhero. Though fans got a tease of the Batman-esque Big Daddy when clips of the Comic-Con footage hit the web, the complete poster (which can be seen here) is the first full-body shot of Cage in the Romita Jr.-designed costume.

When Millar traveled to the Chicago Comic-Con to promote the film last summer, the writer explained that having actors like Cage and "Greek" star Clark Duke in key rolls helped pull the comic influence out of the film. "One thing we really felt on the first day of shooting was that it was me, Nic Cage, Matthew and Clark Duke and all these guys - and we realized that this is a movie about comic fans made by comic fans, guys who have collections. And instead of that kind of insincere thing where somebody comes in and does it for the dough, it's a bunch of guys who have loved this since they were four. So I hope that translates to the screen," the writer said. "Comics is amazing in the sense that it's a weird kind of family."

And a weird kind of family is exactly the kind of group the filmmakers hope to present when Big Daddy and his foul-mouthed, katana-wielding daughter Hit Girl take the silver screen next year.

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