Nguyen Shoots Down Schumacher "Batman Triumphant" Comic Rumor

Last week, rumors of a sequel to Joel Schumacher's "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" called "Batman Triumphant" surfaced on Bleeding Cool, naming none other than "Batman Eternal" and "Batman: Li'l Gotham's" Dustin Nguyen as the artist for the Schumacher-written comic adaptation of the film. While the report was later debunked by comments from the "Batman and Robin" director, the rumor persists that there is some kind of project related to Schumacher's third "Batman" project in the cards. However, even if Schumacher's planned third "Batman" film gets made into a comic, it won't be with Dustin Nguyen on art.

CBR News reached out to Nguyen, who said that he was completely unaware of the project when the rumor hit, and further, that he wasn't currently in a position to take it on.

"That's definitely news to me as well, I have no idea how that rumor came to be," Nguyen told CBR News. "I'm currently working on 'Descender' for Image with Jeff Lemire, and that's pretty much consuming my entire life for the foreseeable future."

While it's certainly possible that there's an element of truth to the rumors of a comic version of "Batman Triumphant," it's not going to be drawn by Nguyen.

CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching contributed to this report.

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