Nexus Free Comic Book Day in July Previews

Official Press Release

Pheonix, AZ – Rude Dude Productions announced today that their Free Comic Book Day Nexus, "Greatest Hits", is available for order in the current Previews.

Rude Dude said that although they overordered on the print run, they sold out within a week. The reprint is being offered at only $1.99.

The fourth installment of their award-winning series, Nexus, is also available for presale as a regular issue or a signed and numbered edition complete with a certificate of authencity. Retailers, check your order sheet for incentives.

A complete list of Diamond codes is online at this link.

If you're a Nexus or Steve Rude fan and would like to support the cause, Rude Dudue is having a presale to cover production costs. A complete list of presale items with images can be found at www.steverude.com/PRESALEnewsletter.html or a quicklist at http://www.rudedudeproductions.com/presales.pdf. Included in the presale is an ashcan of Nexus 100 (only 200 available to the public), Steve's 2007 sketchbook w/FREE Wonder Woman print, and their new JOIN THE NEXUS ARMY line. Retailers should contact Jaynelle Rude at retailers@rudedudeproductions.com for retailer incentives on the presales.

Nexus: Space Opera, Act 1 due out July 8th and can be previewed on Comic Space: www.comicspace.com/Steve_Rude

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