Nextwave #9 - Brand Name Goodness

This weeks' Nextwave is partially built around a gem of a gimme idea, and it is to Warren Ellis' credit that he does not allow the idea to overwhelm the issue itself, providing a good issue even if it weren't for the coolness of the idea.

The gimme idea, in this instance, is that Nextwave faces off against "The Paramounts," who are made up of a group of characters from the pages of Marvel's late 60s humor magazine, Not Brand Echh.

So Forbush Man, Charlie America, The Inedible Bulk and Giant Sam are the villains of the piece, and Ellis gives each character a nice intro before they show up at the end, supplying an amusing origin for each (except Forbush Man, who needs no introduction).

It's such a clever idea that Ellis pretty much could have rested on the laurels of that idea, but he does a good job making the rest of the issue intriguing on its own.

Stuart Immonen, as usual, delivers a knockout performance on the artwork, and I can't be the only one who is reading the issue thinking, "Hmm...yeah, I can see him doing a very good job on Ultimate Spider-Man," can I?

I loved Ellis' use of Tabitha to parody American culture, but the use of the shirt at the end? Rarely are parodies of satires all that good of an idea, and in this instance, while it was amusing, it wasn't NEARLY worth the effort put into for the joke.

I loved the homages to Morrison, but I think, to be honest, Ellis went a bit overboard with the other supervillains, as it sorta detracted from the coolness of the Paramounts.

Still, a very cool issue.

Highly recommended.

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