Nextwave #6 Review

After a couple of slightly lackluster issues, the Nextwave we have all come to know and love is back, and in full effect!

Here's just a quick glimpse of the coolness of this issue - in the opening, with Elsa and Tabitha squared off against a pile of evil robots, Elsa comments, "I count six apiece." Tabitha proceeds to berate her for trying to impress Tabitha with "her English counting. You know I growed up in a trailer park. Let's just kill 'em." That was so beautiful - it almost brought a tear to my eye.

The issue has Dirk Anger throwing everything (and we mean EVERYthing) he can think of at the Nextwave crew, and it is to no avail. However, everything he throws at them is awesomely cool, and it gives Stuart Immonen lots of crazy crap to draw, which he takes in stride (although I must admit, the art seemed a bit...looser than normal. I was particularly impressed in the early issues by how Immonen was cartoonish while having a very detailed style as well - not so much in this issue).

My pal Jake has a theory on the relative coolness of Nextwave. He thinks that the issues where Dirk Anger gets off great rants are the good ones, and he may very well be right, as this issue was great, and Dirk Anger basically spends the WHOLE issue ranting! It is awesome - total stream of consciousness, only shouted as orders. Beautiful.

Meanwhile, upon being shot last issue, Monica also seems to flip a bit, as we see her go crazy with her powers in many amusing ways.

This leaves just the Captain and Aaron, but fear not, for they both have great moments to shine.

This is just the kind of crazy, action-packed rollercoaster ride of a comic book that everyone should enjoy.

A great comic book.

Recommended without reservation (I always find myself short of words to describe Nextwave...weird).

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