Newsarama's Michael Doran moves to Marvel

Official Press Release

Veteran comic book news reporter Michael Doran has joined Marvel asMarketing Communications Manager. From writing press releases to overseeingMarvel's monthly section in Previews to acting as the point person betweenThe House and the industry's media sources, Doran will aim to keep peopletalking about Marvel's key projects, creators and characters.

A fixture of the internet community since the mid 1990s, Doran began hiscareer by compiling industry news on the Prodigy Comic Book Forum. This ledDoran to create "Newsarama.com", and after joining fellow reporter MattBrady, the two turned it into one of the internet's leading comicsnewsmagazine. In addition to his online reporting, Doran has written formany industry print outlets, including Comics Buyer's Guide, ComicsInternational and Comic Shop News.

"I've had more fun than anyone should be allowed over these last six years,speaking with creators, editors and publishers, and then passing the newsalong to eager fans," said Doran. "The best part of joining Marvel is that Iget to keep doing the same thing: spreading the word about Marvel Comicswhile working even more closely with the press community I've enjoyed beinga part of so much."

"The first comic book I ever read was an issue of AVENGERS, and I grew up aloyal Marvel kid, so all roads in my life seemed to have led to this," Dorancontinued. "Now I plan to get the word out as loud and far as I can aboutthe comic books I've enjoyed so much throughout my life."

"Although Mike will play it down, he's one of the true visionaries in ourindustry," stated Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada. "Both he and hispartner Matt Brady saw a niche that needed to be filled in the area of comicbook news and marketing, and before you know it they were the #1 source ofcomic online news content. Visionaries are what Marvel is all about, andwhen an opening came up in our marketing department, I knew that Mike wouldbe the perfect fit."

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