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Issue #265

One of the most difficult aspects of storytelling in comics writing has to be timing. Steven discusses the pitfalls and challenges comic writers face. Plus, some reader e-mail, political talk and much more.

Podcast #80

Wildstorm debuts two titles, Alan Moore concludes 'Tom Strong', Bomb Queen returns, but it's the all-new 'Rock Bottom' graphic novel that tops the releases for this week.

CBR's Top Artists & Writers Revealed!

The CBR Community voted on the Top 50 Artists and Top 50 Writers of all time two weeks ago and the countdown has begun. Who made the list? Who didn't? Read on to learn how you can follow the results.

"Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" Game Play Videos

See the Silver Surfer take on Galactus! Watch as your favorite heroes handle the Scorpion! See what happens when you take down Mandarin! Activision's provided CBR News with new game play video from "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance."

Pipeline, Issue #487

Augie (belatedly) shares his theory for why Stephen Wacker's job on "52" was done long before he left the company. Plus, a look at the back half of the latest "Previews" catalog and lots of miscellany.

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