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Thunderbolts #24

"Thunderbolts" #24 by Charles Soule and Paco Diaz begins another mission that will take the team to a remote part of Honduras on a search for three missing people and an ancient power.

Shutter #1

In "Shutter" #1 by Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca, Kate Kristopher, retired explorer and now a commercial photographer in NYC, is attacked by ninja ghosts at her father's grave on her birthday.

Mighty Avengers #9

"Mighty Avengers" #9 gives us more insight into the Blue Marvel's missing son's plight, even as the latest Ronin's identity is revealed to whomever hadn't guessed it already.

Astro City #11

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson give readers their take on the Doctor Strange and Wong archetypes in "Astro City" #11, and the end result is a charming story on what it means to be a sorcerer's assistant.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

"Superman/Wonder Woman" #7 serves both as epilogue to the last storyline and prologue to the next one around the bend, but Charles Soule and the art team juggle the different balls fairly well.

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