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News and notes from Diamond’s Retailer Summit in Las Vegas

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News and notes from Diamond’s Retailer Summit in Las Vegas

Monday in Las Vegas retailers and publishers from around the country assembled in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Diamond Comics Retailer Summit. Held regularly, these summits give retailers and publishers the chance to mix with one another and to make various announcements about upcoming projects.

Attendance at the meeting seems strong. Presentations Monday ran from 7pm to 10pm, followed by a screening of the first episode of the upcoming WB TV series “Smallville.” The afternoon was spent socializing in the bowling center with everyone in attendance offered the opportunity to bowl three games. Tuesday will include more presentations, followed by the opening of the exhibit hall.

Popular topics of discussion in the hallways of the meeting included the issue of possibly moving the new comics release day. There seem to be three camps, those in favor of moving to Tuesday, those in favor of moving to Thursday, and those want it to stay Wednesday. Diamond Comics seems to be leaning toward Thursday, but are still gathering retailer opinions.

More notes from announcements made at the event follow.

Marvel Comics

  • As previously announced Spider-Man #36 will deal with the events of 9/11. Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will be promoting Spider-Man and the upcoming benefit book “Heroes” on talk shows, including an appearance on the Today show, scheduled to air October 17th.
  • Marvel plans to start offering one poster a month starting in December. Posters will include “Origin,” “Elektra” and “Ultimate Spider-Man.”
  • Gene Colan will be a guest creator on the new “Howard the Duck” MAX series.
  • Marvel will offer a new reprint title called “Mighty Marvel Must Haves” ($4.95). The first issue will reprint “Cable #97,” “Banner #1,” “Tangled Web #4” and “Origin #1.” This book is scheduled to ship in early December.
  • It’s possible you may hear Howard Stern promote “Ultimate Spider-Man” on his radio show soon, as his staff requested review copies.
  • Marvel has secured the license to reprint the “G.I. Joe” and the “Transformers” issues that they originally published in the 1980s.

    Dark Horse

  • Dark Horse will be reprinting the Marvel Star Wars issues into two trade volumes due out in 2002.

    DC Comics

  • The “Justice League Adventures” cartoon will debut as a movie block of three episodes on Saturday November 17th at 7pm on Cartoon Network.
  • DC will publish three new archive editions; “Mad,” “Superboy,” and “Sgt. Rock.”
  • The “Farscape” comic book has been delayed until February.
  • The “100 Bullets” creative team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso have signed to do a Batman trade.
  • DC announced an “Endless” hard cover written by Neil Gaiman. A soft cover will follow 6-12 months later.
  • Later today in a release to comics retailers DC will address issues dealing with the postponed issues of “The Authority” #27 – #29. Bob Wayne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DC, read an announcement regarding publication of the issues to the crowd during the DC presentation. Expect to see that full announcement later today on CBR. The also postponed “Authority Widescreen Edition” has now been canceled. The back-up stories are planned to appear in a future special, but the Brian Hitch story will not see print. DC says they never considered not publishing the books. They had listed them as release date “To Be Determined”, a common practice by DC on books that are delayed.
  • Bob Wayne also addressed comments made by Marvel Comics’ President Bill Jemas regarding his offer to publish the canceled Authority issue for DC at Newsarama by saying that “stupid people said stupid things.” He also took every opportunity to point out DC’s plans and willingness to overprint books and make re-orders available. Wayne also pointed out many of the programs DC has in place to support retailers. The tone of his comments were clearly aimed at Marvel’s policies towards retailers and the decision not to make re-orders available.

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