Newly Discovered Cave Has A Deep Star Wars Connection

A newly discovered cave in British Columbia has been named after one of the most memorable locations from the original Star Wars trilogy.

The landmark was found in the northeastern part of the Well Gray Provincial Park by a helicopter crew. The team was flying overhead as a part of the province’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change caribou census.

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CBC reports that the cave is the largest in the country at 60 meters wide and 100 meters long It is believed to be 135 meters deep. “It’s about the size of a soccer field,” said geologist Catherine Hickson, “so, if you think of a soccer field and you put that soccer field on its end so you have this pit going down. Think about this giant circular or oval hole that just goes down and down and down. It is truly amazing.”

Although the cave will receive a formal name after consultation with First Nations, the helicopter crew who discovered the cave nicknamed the cave after the Sarlacc Pit. The Sarlacc is a massive creature on the desert planet of Tatooine and was featured in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. So, that means there’s a real life Sarlacc Pit, it’s just in an environment closer to Hoth than Tatooine.

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