New Zuda series from Crabapple, more <i>Nightmares</i> from Valentino and FSc

A couple of announcements were made last night about new series that are light on details but heavy on potential interest:

• Artist Molly Crabapple revealed on Twitter that she and frequent collaborator John Leavitt are working on a "Rococo steampunk murder mystery" called The Puppet Makers for DC Comics' Zuda imprint. The publisher describes the webcomic as a "Victorian Age Blade Runner."

"We are working on the script now," Crabapple wrote. "We are so excited to be working on our dream project with Zuda we could die."

• Writer Serena Valentino announced she's reuniting with original artist Foo Swee Chin (FSc) for a four-issue Nightmares & Fairy Tales miniseries called Annabelle's Story.

The series, which was released from 2002 to 2008 by SLG Publishing, centers on a strange rag doll named Annabelle who recounts the dark stories -- often variations of familiar fairy tales -- of the girls and women who have owned her. Annabelle's Story is set to debut in November.

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