New York Toy Fair 2013: Walking Dead, DC Cover Girls & More

Sunday saw the kick-off of the 2013 NewYork Toy Fair, the number one event for toy makers, toy dealers and the press to come together and geek out over the products that will find their way to stores in the coming years. While the show covers everything from the tiny plastic toys you see at a dollar store to playground equipment, CBR's focus is on the collectible side of things, specifically toys and statues based on comics, movies, TV and games. Our first recap covers all things comics, from DC Collectibles' slate of upcoming offerings to Hasbro's extensive line of Marvel action figures and even a new line of Axe Cop toys!

JUSTICE LEAGUE | Fans of Superman, Wonder Woman, "Justice League" and romance will be excited to hear that DC Collectible will release a statue based on the recent lip-lock shared between Superman and Wonder Woman as first seen on the cover to "Justice League" #12. Thanks to some weather and travel issues, the statue didn't actually make its way to Toy Fair on Sunday, but images were released to the press.

MARVEL LEGENDS | Fans have been waiting a long time for Hasbro to get back to the line that rejuvenated the superhero action figure market all those years ago. The first wave of Marvel Legends figures to hit stores includes Ultimate Captain America, Hyperion, classic Archangel, Red She-Hulk, X-Force Wolverine, Protector and a Hit Monkey build-a-figure. Meanwhile, the second wave will feature Wrecker with a Bulldozer variant for Wrecking Crew fans, Jean Grey in her 90s costume, white Phoenix look AND her Age of Apocalypse duds, Black Panther, modern Scarlet Spider, Hawkeye in both classic and modern looks as well as a Rocket Raccoon build-a-figure.

BATMAN BLACK & WHITE | DC Collectibles' Batman: Black and White statue line took its cues from a 1996 miniseries of the same name, but the statue line has had a much longer lifespan. The comic book artist-based series will be adding new pieces based on the work of Sean "Cheeks" Galloway," Sean Murphy, Tony Millionaire and Rafael Grampa.

SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL | Much like their Batman: Black and White line of statues, the idea behind DC Collectibles' Superman: Man of Steel statues is to produce pieces based on popular artists' interpretations of the world's most famous superhero. Just last weekend we got a glimpse of the Rags Morales version. The newest piece, on display at Toy Fair, is based on Frank Quitely's "All-Star Superman" artwork.

AXE COP | "Axe Cop" has already moved from webcomic to Dark Horse print comic to in-the-works animated series, but for some people, it truly achieved next-level status when Mezco announced collectibles based on Malachai and Ethan Nicolle's increasingly popular world. In addition to plush figures of Wexter and Avocado Soldier, which will be out in July, the company also has action figures based on Axe Cop, Wexter, Avocado Soldier, Doo Doo Soldier, Dr. Doo Doo and Baby Man. Get your figures in time for the premiere of the animated series on Fox next summer.

DC INFINITE HEROES | The Mattycollector-exclusive line of DC action figures will continue on into 2013 with a variety of new figures. We've already seen Saint Walker, Phantom Stranger, Larfleeze, Captain Marvel Jr., Monsieur Mallah and the Brain and Huntress before, but this Fire figure was a brand new reveal. This was also the first time Huntress' crossbow and Elongated Man's functional magnifying glass accessories have been seen.

DC UNLIMITED | While the DC Infinite Heroes figures are only available online, the DC Unlimited toys will continue to appear in retail stores. Mattel showed off a wide variety of figures including plenty of Batman figures. You'll have your choice between New 52 Batman, Batgirl, "Dark Knight Returns" Batman, New 52 Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne Robin, Batman Beyond with wings, Zur-en-Arrh Batman with Bat-Mite, Darkseid and Vampire Batman to round our your collection.

DC MEZ-ITZ | Mezco's line of tiny, urban vinyl-esque Mez-Itz figures will grow with new waves based on DC characters. Two inch versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash in their New 52 duds will find their way to stores in August along with a Girls of Gotham group consisting of Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

MARVEL UNIVERSE | Hasbro's 3.75-inch line of Marvel action figures, called Marvel Universe, will also stay strong into 2013 with a variety of options including single figures and team packs. The third wave of figures includes Rhino, Mysterio, Elektra and Captain America while the fourth features Cloak, Dagger, Abomination, A-Bomb, Baron Zemo and Black and White Iron Man. Greatest Team Packs consist of three figures all packaged together and will highlight the Uncanny X-Men with a Cyclops, Colossus with Juggernaut's helmet and White Queen combo as well as an Asgardian one featuring Thor, Valkyrie and Skurge. The West Coast Avengers will also get together, but images have not been released of that pack just yet.

DC COVER GIRLS | For most of its existence, the DC Collectibles line of DC Cover Girls statues was based on the artwork of Adam Hughes. In the last year or so, however, it's switched gears and opened the floor up to other artists. Previously seen pieces gave the Cover Girl treatment to Supergirl and Death from "Sandman," and they're now being joined by new entries Platinum of the Metal Men, designed by Kenneth Rocofort, and Batgirl, based on Stanley Lau's art. DCC also showed off artwork of what an upcoming Lau-designed Batwoman piece will look like.

BISHOUJO | Kotobukiya adds to its Bishoujo line featuring U.S. characters done in an anime or manga style! The next piece to be developed in the DC Comics line of PVC statues was shown off in preview art form. As you can see, Black Canary will join the gang in her trademark fishnets and jacket. The piece will be out fall of 2013.

NEW 52 | While the first wave of DC Collectibles' New 52 figures focused on the heroes, the second will bring on the bad guys as Joker, Black Manta and Black Adam will join Captain Cold and sole super hero Green Lantern Simon Baz. They also showed off a Catwoman figure that will only be available this year in a 7-pack with Black Manta, Cold, Joker, Batman, Flash and Aquaman. But that's not all -- DCC also has plans for a Pandora figure that comes with a skull that she can actually fit into.

SKYBOUND | Diamond Select Toys has been making comic-based MiniMates and banks based on "The Walking Dead," a trend it continues in 2013. The big news came from the announcement that it will also be producing MiniMates based on Robert Kirkman's other Skybound titles "Thief of Thieves" and "Invincible." The Invincible 4-pack will include Invincible, Atom Eve, Allen the Alien and Omni-Man. Meanwhile, Conrad (a.k.a. Redmond), his assistant Celia, his son Augustus and Agent Cohen get the 4-pack treatment.

WATCHMEN | Mattel's Mattycollecor website will not only have exclusive DC Comics based figures, but more specifically ones based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal maxiseries "Watchmen." We've seen some of these pieces before, but how cool is it seeing Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre II, Night Owl and The Comedian (complete with flame thrower) all together in one place?! You can even see the book-like packaging the figures will come in, with the spines joining to form the iconic "Who Watches The Watchmen" graffiti motif.

MARVEL BOTTLE OPENERS | Diamond Select Toys wants to keep helping people crack into their capped drinks with a series of bottle openers oozing with comic goodness. After using heroic iconography for the first batch, the company's going the nefarious route in 2013. Your bottles won't stand a chance against the forces of Venom, the Infinity Gauntlet, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Galactus or Punisher.

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